loss and gain

A nearly deserted Tsukiji Wholesale Fish Market during a recent snowstorm

For the first time in my life, probably, I paid for a piece of software that was not a game — a data recovery tool. A seemingly dead Buffalo external hard disk I rediscovered dictated it, after my Mac detected that, although invisible and un-renameable, over 900GB of data lay in it. After 10 hours of crunching the software retrieved about 30,000 photos that are now being uploaded to a cloud. Maybe they’ll wake me from my photo-amnesia.

Oddly on the same day snow was falling. From the window I could see the Tsukiji Wholesale Fish Market in its final winter and decided to record the melancholic sight. Snowy alleys, reflected neon, footprints and bicycle tire marks–I really got some good footage. Sadly the SD card it was written to get corrupted, leaving only three discernable frames, one of which is shown above.

Mais où sont les neiges d’antan!

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