Lost diner

One’s Diner no longer exists. But every morning for about 10 years I drank my morning coffee at this American-styled diner while reading the Japanese newspaper. It wasn’t for pleasure exactly: The pancakes were dry but it was the only place in the neighborhood that opened early, and I had to get the newspaper as part of my job. The subscription fee came out of my salary.

So most mornings I brought my camera with me and shot at the passing scenery as the seasons went by. Pre-schoolers and students on field trips, hipsters who worked for the many apparel firms in the neighborhood, photographers and fashion models (who would sometimes use the diner as a set and the Duskin man who would come to change the floor mat every couple of weeks–They all became my subjects.

During the time I outlasted about five managers but eventually got to put a dozen or so of on the hundreds of photos I snapped there in an exhibition held there before the eatery closed to become a clothing inventory storeroom.

But none of them sum up the spirit of the place as this AI-generated animation made by Google Photo Assistant:

The window of old One’s Diner in Jingumae, Shibuya Ward

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