Open city

Five years and five days had passed when I revisited this page earlier this month. In the interim, a lot changed: Technology, Tokyo, me. I threw away boxes and boxes full of old negatives, I let my domain name lapse and never looked back at my photo sharing accounts.

I wanted to erase my digital footprint. But before terminating my server I discovered my “gallery” folders and was impressed–not so much by the photos (which were surprisingly better than I remembered) but at the fact that they lived on, beyond me. In various clouds I found other images from devices thrown away long ago. For reasons unknown to myself, I pulled my finger away from the kill switch and let the photos here see daylight again.

So bear with me as I resuscitate this dusty platform and add more things new and old to it. I promise to myself there will be no photos of food or cats (except for a very infrequent few) and no “thumbs up” button. If you happen to find this place, feel free to wander around and make yourself at home. The Tokyo here is an open city.