new technology to take old photos

I just made a break with the past, symbolically speaking. I sold off a couple of clunky Leica lenses I no longer use and bought a Ricoh GRII Digital. It fits in a pocket, consumes immense amounts of battery power and is supposed to deliver photos close in quality to the DSLR I normally use. I am not quite so sure.

To be honest, I never really liked makign the switch to a digital camera, although I’d never go back. I find it more free, sincwe it doesn’t have the built in look that film and film cameras do (think Lomo).  What was hard was giving up the view through a range-finder. A range-finder projects a frame onto the world and you wait for elements to swim into it. In comparison the pentaprism of a DSLR feels like a light-trap filled with floating numbers, letters bars and graphs. I think it’s fundamentally changed my approach to shootin over the past couple of years.

Which is why I got this little point-and-shoot. It has problems: The shutter button is stiff and tiny (but I got that adjusted, this is Japan after all); I’m still not sure when and if it fires; and it needs a second or two between shots, so moments really have to be chosen judiciously. On the other hand there’s a immense lightness to it: It feels more like picking up a pencil than raising a machine to your face. 

Here are the results of my first test drive with the little one:

ricoh tsukiji ricoh akihabara ricoh
tsukiji ricoh