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It seems as if something strange is happening in Yokohama again — a place has been set up where you eat and drink off giant-proportioned plates and glasses. More photos here.

Looks grand doesn’t it? It’s a conceptual art piece by French person Lilian Bourgeat at Zo-no-hana Terrace until January 11. The Japan version of his work looks rather less idyllic, though, to judge by the plastic cups in this photo:


yokohama subway manners

yokohama subway Just spotted this BBC piece about the subway system in Yokohama. It look like the etiquette referees will be patrolling the carriages, warning riderst to lower the volume on their ipods and give seats to the elderly. But at what point exactly will they draw the line and hand out the yellow cards?

There’s a lot of stuff that goes on on subways that’s of questionable: Loud earphones are a nuisance, sure, but no more so than women slathering makeup and puffing on powder next to your shoulder — which isn’t as bad as manners among men. Once every 10 trips or so, it seems, a suited man next to me will spend the ride pincing away at his facial stubble with his fingernails, or excavating the far recesses of his nasal cavities. It’s absolutely normal and within the realm of personal conduct, so they probably won’t get warned. A shame, really.

The photo shows grandees riding the Minato Mirai subway line connecting Yokohama to Tokyo’s Shibuya.