dwarves & money

Someone dangled this collection of old “koban” coins (reproductions, of course) behind a row of Seven Dwarves figures in a factory window along Route 15, near Togoshi-ginza, Ota Ward.

Much of Tokyo (it’s outer ring, at least) looks the same, no matter where you go. Still, here and there are neighborhoods which, despite their lack of scenic distinction, manage to have a certain mood to them. Along Route 15 is one of them.

Noisy, sooty, lined with car parts shops, Harley Davidson boutique garages and family restaurants with all-you-can-drink bars in regular intervals, it’s an industrial road connecting Tokyo to Kawasaki. It runs right through residential neighborhoods, themselves hased by several “Ginzas,” as old-style shopping streets are called. It seems like I spent all day walking them, as each Ginza trails into another, so it’s like a giant cobweb, behind the rumble of Route 15.