sort of cuckoo

saruyama_clockIt’s odd how these things happen: A couple of days ago I saw these very beautiful cuckoo clocks on a wall ina department store in Nihombashi and took a snap. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen an a cuckoo clock and have probably never taken a photo of one. Yesterday a friend of mine here sent me this photo of a cuckoo clock he ‘s put together for Designtide Tokyo 2009 at Isetan department store.

Actually it’s not exactly a cuckoo clock, it’s a “pidgeon clock” (hato-dokei、鳩時計), maybe meant to keep time with Japan’s new prime minister, Yukio Hatoyama. Click around the Designtide site and you’ll find 50 more one-of-a-kind pidgeon clocks, designed by various Tokyo creator types.

Or you can see the clocks in real-time (no pun intended :p) on the fifth floor of Isetan in Shinjuku, from today until Nov. 10. I wonder what sort of department store biomass they’re made from.