haneda airport 空気の港

haneda_human_balloon01-320There’s talk of making Haneda Airport truly international and into an Asian transfer hub to boot. One day it might actually happen. Right now though it’s a fun place to visit, thanks to Digital Public Art in Haneda Airport 空気の港. Conspirator Jonathan Pui (in the photo, the one in the hat) and I went there to enjoy hambugers at the West Park Cafe and play with these humanoid balloons. Just as interesting were a pair of tall wind funnels, looking like giant white vases for a long-stemmed rose, that blew out white leaves printed with eyes from their tops.

All together there are about 18 various installations, distributed around both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and they’ll be there until this Nov. 3. The art is really worth going out there–and the hamburgers too.