opening day

shinjuku_hm_red_car hm_men03 hm_men02 hm_men01
Ugh. the new H&M in Shinjuku opened this past Saturday, right across the street from Isetan — in another victory for “fast fashion” over pedigree. There was a long line of people waiting to get in, but not nearly as long aswhen the first H&M in Japan opened in the Ginza a year or so ago. Has it only been that long? It seems like they are everywhere now.

Then they were giving away nothing. This time they were handing out large, Swedish-sized, black, branded umbrellas to anyone who walked in. Thank goodness the rain stopped, or else all of Shinjuku would have been one huge H&M advertisement. These men don’t really look like H&M shoppers to me. I had to laugh when I saw how many umbrellas they managed to get, though.