Hisao Kato is absolutely one of my favorite photographers in Japan, and his photos really speak for themselves. What they don’t mention outright, though, is the size of area Mr. Kato covers daily to get his images. It’s really small.

Almost all his images on his photoblog (except for vacation ones) have been taken right in his neighborhood of Funabashi or not far away. I went there this past Sunday to see what I thought was his solo photo exhibit. It turned out to be a huge community photo show spanning several rooms, and this calendar was his only entry in it (it took the Judges’ Prize, however).

Nither suburb nor city, Funabashi isn’t the sort of place you’d expect to find lots of surprises. Yet Mr. Kato always does, and makes it look like a wonderland.

funanabshi_barber01-8001 funanabshi_wetsuit-800 funanabshi_barber02-800