photo safari

Instead of playing games, I’d rather spend my time walking around and taking photographs — you get to see more of the world. But it looks like with Rhino Studios’ newest title “Afrika,” I’ll soon be able to do both things at once. Basically “Afrika” is another 3rd-person shooter, meaning you watch a character, mostly from behind, as it runs and crawls around and shoot at things. The setting is Africa, filled with big beasts, but instead of a rifle, the man on screen is armed with a camera (among them a radio-controlled camera cart). The point of the game is sneak up on animals and take shake-free photos of them. The more steady the shots, the more money you earn from assignments to buy better equipment.

It sounds like a simulator of the life of a freelance photog — without the real deadlines and overdue loans — and would be great if I liked taking snaps of animals. I don’t. But I really do wish Rhino would make a new version of this game soon, set in the urban jungle. Then I could be a paparazzo or an ambulance chaser, an otaku, Bill Cunningham or Garry Winogrand, without ever leaving the comfort zone. The game comes out on the 28th.