back in tokyo

I’ve just come back to Tokyo and it’s not the same place I left. I remember warm days and cool nights. Now it’s just hot, hotter than Surabaya or Bali, and muggy to boot. Outside, the late-night whistler has stopped–maybe driven from his balcony by the heat–and a bar has opened a couple of doors down. Meanwhile “Pour Annick,” the pricey furniture shop that set the mood for this neighborhood has closed (there’s a sign announcing it will reopen on the Internet) and I spotted two more buildings on my street with white placards announcing their coming demolition. All that in barely three weeks.

On Java I rode a Vespa and a horse. On Bali I spent a day looking for hula-hoops and another trying to coax two big African dogs on a pair of teak lounge chairs. I also got caught in the crush at the immense royal cremation, that Seth Mydans wrote about it here

I’ll have photos up soon, either here or on flickr.